ECE Facilities

Electrical Machines Lab
Equipped with 2KVA single phase transformer, three phase transformer, single phase Induction motor, DC Shunt Motor Coupled with DC generator, Shunt motor coupled with Alternator and Auto-Transformer.

Electronic Devices Circuits lab
Equipped with Analog oscilloscope-20MHz & 30 Mhz, Digital Storage Oscilloscope-60Mhz & 200Mhz, Analog oscilloscope -100Mhz, Digital Function Gnerator-3Mhz,Servo Controlled Stabilizer(210-295)V and Dual DC Regulated – (0-30)V.

Communication Lab
Equipped with Analog Oscilloscope-20MHz & 30MHz,Digital Storage Oscilloscope -60MHz & 20 MHZ, Pulse Generator -10MHz, Digital Trainer Kit,Optical Trainer kit and Digital Function generator-3MHz.

Electronic System Design Lab
Equipped with Pulse Generator, Digital Multimeter, Analog Oscilloscope, Pressure Process Controller, Air Compressor with Storage tank and DC Servo motor Controller.