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English is very important for non-native English users because it is widely spoken all around the world.  For engineering students whose mother tongue is not English, mastering English is even more important, not only for their academic life but also for their prospective career.English is a tool that significantly affects engineering students in academic life. While most of the theories in engineering are taught in English language, student is required to have a level of proficiency in English language.

The rural area students lack the exposure to the English communication in the family, society as well as in the colleges. As a result of this even the meritorious gold medalist fail to achieve success during personal interviews due to lack of communication skills, soft skills, interpersonal skills and personality development. Hence, an engineering student requires competence in his English language in order to succeed in his / her prospect career.

The Department of English provides exposure totechnical English in association with Placement Cell thereby improve the students communication skills.